Executive Summary  

Umeya Inc. manufacturers and distributes health conscious rice based snacks while offering other Asian based confectionary that includes traditional sesame/flaxseed crackers and fortune cookies. Our products are sold to ethnic centered retailers, wholesaled in bulk to mainstream markets, and private labeled by our partners throughout the United States and also parts of Japan.

    After the initial stages of a globalized snacking industry during the early millennium, the growth trend has been detracted by several risks associated with a decentralized global sourcing approach. Our company manufactures in the US prioritizing transparency and quality control throughout the supply chain. Furthermore, our aim is to provide solutions to health wellness and nutritional value for on-demand consumer lifestyles that are seeking alternative substitutes to the organized meal.



    • Operations commenced in 1925 with over 90 years of industry experience.
    • Notable US customer portfolio during its history including Costco, McDonalds, Euro Disney, Trader Joe’s, Kehe, Nature Box, LAX- Los Angeles World Airports, Cost-plus World Market, Bevmo and others. 
    • Manufacturing Japanese based rice snacks (“Arare” and “Senbei”) that have options for gluten-free, all natural, no trans-fat, no MSG, no preservatives, no artificial flavor, or no cholesterol.
    • 1st mover experience and originator of the fortune cookie. 
    • Sourcing rice exclusively from the State of California.
    • Supported job creation by manufacturing in the United States
    • Optimization of product governance, transparency, and monitoring of quality by centralizing production within the Los Angeles County
    • Flexibility and agility to meet niche health conscious snacking demands


    Notable Umeya Customers: